3D Cavitation (Fat Reduction)

What is 3D Cavitation and how does it work?

Cavitation works by compromising the integrity of the membrane fat cells, it is an entirely natural process derived from low-frequency ultrasound. The fat cells are not robust enough to withstand the soundwave pressure, this causes the fat cells to break down. The body then processes the fat cells via the lymphatic and vascular systems to be metabolized by the liver.

Is 3D Cavitation right for me?

If you are looking to target a larger area of fat and want instant results, then 3D Cavitation is the perfect treatment. It is painless and comes with no downtime, what’s more, the procedure is completed quickly. You could lose inches on your lunch hour! Typical 3D Cavitation treatment areas include love handles, upper and lower abdomen, and buttocks.


3D Cavitation in Wigan, Chorley, Preston, Ormskirk & Surrounding Areas

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Inch Loss Wigan

What results can I expect from 3D Cavitation?

The beauty of Cavitation is the results are instant. All clients vary, but typical results range from 2-4 cm per treatment area

What will 3D Cavitation cost me?

Prices start from £99

For further details and info on our latest special offers, please get in touch with Rebecca directly.

Personal Trainer sessions, Body Composition Analysis, and a Bespoke Nutrition Packages also available.

What do we think about 3D Cavitation?

We love 3D Cavitation, for us to see how happy the clients are with their results session by session is an excellent reminder of why we are in this business. Along with the ease of the procedure for the client, we feel this is a highly effective and versatile treatment that gives the results our clients desire.

 Also, we often find that 3D Cavitation works exceptionally well alongside other treatments, and we often combine the procedure with RF Fat Melting.

What do our clients think about 3D Cavitation?

I regularly exercise and eat reasonably healthy, but I couldn’t shift my “beer belly”, so I decided to go for it.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed the difference, and by the end of the sessions, I was shocked at how good the results were. The results speak for themselves.  They have given me more confidence and helped make me fitter and healthier. 

Chris, Wigan.

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Here at Permanent Perfection, we are pleased to offer 3D cavitation in Preston, Chorley, Ormskirk, Wigan and the surrounding areas*. Fat reduction treatments are fast becoming the first choice for many of our customers who are looking for alternative body treatments. With a range of high-tech equipment combined with years of experience in the field aesthetics, rest assured that Permanent Perfection will be your perfect choice for cavitation.

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