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Semi Permanent Makeup

Permanent Perfection Aesthetics is an elite semi permanent makeup clinic based in Lancashire and is headed by Rebecca Brown.

Rebecca is a highly experienced, Multi Award-Winning Micropigmentation Technician with over 12 years of experience creating natural-looking eyebrows, lips & eyeliner for her clients.

Over that time, she has learned how different skin types, features, ages, and ethnicities can affect how the treatments should be performed and how the finished treatment will look. This seems simple, but it can only be gained over years of experience.

We believe combining our knowledge, vast experience with high-quality equipment, pigment and dedication to high-class results are what sets us apart from our competition.

Please take a look at our work on this page. Don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca directly or fill in our contact form for any questions you may have. Thank you.

Natural looking eyebrows – fuller & defined

Fuller looking lips – restores colour and definition

Create the appearance of thicker eye lashes

Multi award-winning artist

Award Winning Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup


Restore confidence

Saves time in the morning

Look your best ALL the time

Years Of Micropigmentation Experience

Is semi permanent makeup right for me?

If you need a reliable, cost-effective solution to restore your eyebrows and always want always to look at your best! Then the treaments available at our semi permanent makeup clinic are precisely what you need.

Restores eyebrows

Thicker fuller looking lips

Friendly, supportive & professional technician

Happy Customers

Semi Permament Makeup Benefits

Restore, and or enhance eyebrows anyway you want

Create thicker looking lashes and defined eyes

Effective solution for medical conditions such as alopecia

Removes the hassle of trying to draw your eyebrows the same way every morning

Won’t smudge or wipe off while swimming or exercising

Get fuller-looking lips without filler

Have your ideal brow shape no matter your natural shape

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 Lip Tattoo Before and After

 Eyeliner Tattoo Before and After

Semi Permanent Makeup Reviews

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Semi Permanent Makeup Clinic – Meet your Technician

I am an award-winning Semi Permanent Make Up Artist and provide a range of Micropigmentation, Lsaser & Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments. For more information click the higloghted text.

I am based in the village of Mawdesley and have been here since 2011. Clients come from across the Northwest to visit my clinic. It means a great deal to me that people will travel out of the area where they live because they want the results that my work provides.

Semi Permanent Makeup  – Booking



 [email protected]

 Whatever method you choose, you will receive a swift, friendly and professional response.

Location – Mawdesley (Junction 27 M6) Based in a lovely, converted barn house in the village of Mawdesley. Our clinic is easily accessed from many locations across the North West. With onsite parking, getting here couldn’t be easier.


    Semi Permanent Makeup FAQ

    What is Semi Permanent Make Up?

    Semi-permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing.

    A semi-permanent make artist uses a digital tattoo machine and ultra-fine needles together with sterile pigment to create the appearance of ultra-realistic eyebrows. In order to estore the colour and definition of lips or enhance and define the shape of the eyes.

    Semi-permanent makeup differs from traditional tattooing as the pigment is not placed as deep into the skin and is not designed to be permanent like conventional tattoo ink.

    Our semi-permanent makeup clients come to see us because they may have lost their eyebrows over the years due to overplucking or medication.
    In some instances, medical conditions such as alopecia are the reason for the visit. Or, it may be that clients want to look great all the time without the hassle of a daily makeup routine and wake up with makeup.

    Some clients may wish a professional to help create the perfect look that fits them correctly as they have yet to get it right.

    Another common reason is that clients want to improve their confidence and feel great.

    Whatever your reason for coming to us, all are welcome at Permanent Perfection Aesthetics. Rebecca will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She will give detailed descriptions of the process from start to finish and ensure you have everything you need for a successful treatment.

    What happens during a consultation?

    First, Rebecca will want a thorough discussion to understand why the client is seeking a Semi-permanent Makeup Treatment. Moving on, she will discuss the client’s expectations of the treatment and what an ideal outcome would look like for that individual client.

     Once an adequate picture is built, Rebecca will invite clients to share any images for inspiration and discuss any makeup currently used.

     She will then move on to the process, describing what’s involved and what equipment is used whilst also giving comprehensive aftercare instructions, guidance and advice.

     Then she will discuss the various colour options and shapes based on client preference, treatment outcomes and natural features.

     The shape is mapped out on the client’s face, so there is a clear template to work from. Furthermore, clients can also see what the result will look like. The treatment will start only when this is done, and the client is 100% happy.


    What equipment do you use?

    We only use high-quality equipment and consumables at Permanent Perfection Aesthetics.

     Our treatments are carried out using a Nouveau Contour (Karen Betts) digital tattoo machine, ultra-fine Nouveau Contour needles, and sterile semi-permanent makeup pigment

    Is this Microblading?

    Simply speaking, whether your eyebrows are done with a digital machine or microbladed, the pigment is implanted into the skin in the Epidermis.

    However, ‘microblading’ is carried out with a blade and is a manual way of creating hair strokes by making tiny cuts in the skin.

    A digital machine pushes the ink into the skin at high speed in an exact and controlled manner. As The technician moves their hand over the treatment area, the tiny pinpricks produced by the needle create a line of colour. However, the artist’s skill will determine the overall outcome of the finished work.

    At Permanent Perfection, you benefit from the precise nature of the digital machine combined with Rebecca’s years of award-winning micropigmentation experience.


    Is microblading better?

    This is a common question that we are asked, especially by clients who come to us for correction work after having their eyebrows microbladed.

    Again, there must be clarity, as there is no reason to believe that microblading is better than the machine method. Often people don’t know that you can get ultra-realistic hair strokes with the machine and so opt for microblading.

    Furthermore, feedback from our clients who have had microblading before coming to us suggests that microblading is a lot more painful. In addition, there is a risk of scarring from microblading as the technician needs to make sure they go into the skin at the proper depth. Furthermore, creating multiple cuts can develop scar tissue.

    As with anything, the technician’s level of skill will have an enormous effect on the quality of the treatment.

    However, the precise nature of the digital machine makes it a better choice for our clients, so, to our mind machine is better!



    When will I see my results?

    Semi Permanent Make Up client’s results will be visible immediately after the session and will heal to a softer version.

    The finished results will be visible 4-6 weeks later after the initial top-up treatment. The purpose of the initial top-up is to reassess how the colour has settled in the skin and, if necessary, make any final adjustments (this initial top-up is included in the treatment price)




    What results can I expect?

    We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our clients have requested, but results will typically include.

    • Defined hair stroke eyebrows / powered effect / or a combination of the two
    • Fuller-looking defined lips with enhanced colour
    • Thicker-looking lashes and defined eyes.
    • Improved confidence


    How long do the results last?

    The pigment is semi-permanent, so it is designed to last 3-5 years; however, to keep the results looking great, tops ups every 12-18 months are highly recommended.

    Do the treatments hurt?

    Due to the nature of the treatment, some minor discomfort is present. However, this is minimal and can be further minimised by applying creams.

    How often are the treatment sessions?

    There is an initial treatment and a top-up at 4-6 weeks.

    As previously mentioned, we recommend tops every 12-18 months.


    How do I care for my skin after my treatment?

    Rebecca will give full, specific, and individualised aftercare instructions at the consultation, but typically, aftercare consists of the following:

    • Keep the treated area dry from water for at least 1 week
    • No products are to be applied on the area apart from the balm we supply
    • The balm is to be applied once a day for eyebrows and eyeliner and a few times per day for lips
    • No disturbing the healing process by wiping or picking 
    • No sunbeds or sun for 2 weeks


    I have a busy lifestyle. How will the treatments fit into it?

    We offer weekend and evening appointments at our clinic and will be able to plan in sessions for you. So, you can factor in things like work and family committmenst around your treatment and aftercare schedule.

    What do I need to do now?

    To start your journey towards increased confidence with us, contact us via any method that suits you.

    We monitor our communication channels regularly and will respond on the same day. Rebecca will be in touch ASAP.


     [email protected]


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