3D Brazilian Bum Lift

So, what is a 3D Brazilian Bum Lift, and how does it work?

Here at Permanent Perfection, we are pleased to offer the 3D Brazilian non surgical bum lift in Chorley, Wigan, Ormskirk and the surrounding areas. A 3D Brazilian Bum Lift is a non-surgical alternative to a surgical bum lift. Our treatments are bespoke to the individual and will be comprised of fat removal techniques and skin tightening techniques. The procedure will reduce unwanted fat in the banana role area, whilst also tightening the skin. This combination produces the peachy bum effect that we desire and often see online and in magazines. As this is a bespoke, the exact treatment plan will be discussed at the consultation. Still, it would typically be composed of a combination of the below technologies.

Fat Removal3D Cavitation / 3D Radio Frequency Fat Melting / 3D Cryofreeze / 3D HIFU Body Sculpting

Skin Tightening – 3D Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Non Surgical Bum Lift in Wigan, Chorley, Ormskirk & Surrounding Areas

If you are looking to book a treatment plan for a non surgical bum lift in Wigan, Ormskirk, Chorley or at another of our clinics in the North West, the Permanent Perfection team are here for you. To discuss treatment and payment plans for bum lifts with our aesthetics specialist, please call today on 07947 314609.

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Is a 3D Brazilian Bum Lift Right For Me?

A Non-Surgical 3D-Brazilian Bum Lift is a perfect solution for our clients looking to get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite around the buttocks, whist tightening up the skin.

The overall effect will be to produce a firmer, rounder bum with that all-important perkiness. So, if that’s the look you desire and don’t want to go under the knife, then this is the treatment for you.

The beauty of the 3D lipo system is we have multiple technologies at our disposal. We are not bound by single procedure, meaning we can work with your body type, amounts of body fat and treatment preferences. Working together, we can create that perfect bum that you’ve always wanted, or have lost, and want to get back.

What Do We Think About The 3D Brazilian Bum Lift?

We think this is an excellent solution for those clients that have lost their bum of yesteryear. This can often be caused by lack of exercise, eating too much of the ‘good stuff’, or by the natural ageing process. Our Non-Surgical 3D Brazilian Bum Lift is a true friend of those wanting to tackle a saggy bottom without going under the knife or having injections.

This is not a surgical procedure, so we need to be realistic about the results. We are not going to promise the same results that can be achieved by surgery, (we don’t act like that). Still, we can guarantee visible results for our clients. The technology we use is proven to work and is a safe and effective treatment for those who wish to avoid surgery.

We are also able to help you with maintaining your new look. We will provide you with a comprehensive exercise programme, including exercises to tone your bum muscles.  We will give you access to an app that will have all your exercises planned out in an easy to follow manner. Complete with video guides on how to complete the exercises correctly when you are working out alone. Furthermore, we will give you access to a nutrition planning app with diets approved by dieticians.

When booking your 3D Brazilian Bum Lift Treatment, you will receive all this free of charge. We will also provide you with 4 free Personal Training sessions held at our onsite PT Studio with our level 4 PT and Certified Nutrition Coach.

So, we’ve got you covered from all angles, don’t hesitate and book today.

What Results Can I Expect From a 3D Brazilian Bum Lift?

The overall result will be to create a firmer fuller bum, with the added benefit of removing unwanted fat and cellulite. Results can be seen instantly, however in some cases they will take time to fully show. This is due to the choice of technology used, for instance, 3D Cavitation combined with 3D Radio Frequency Skin Tightening will take place over 8 sessions. 3D HIFU Body Sculpting and 3D Cryofreeze will be done over 1 and 4 sessions, respectively.

The client’s body type plays a significant role in the treatment plan. We believe taking this into consideration is this is the best approach when creating our 3D Brazilian Bum Lift treatment plans. We do not find a one size fits all approach is suitable, as it’s not in the best interests of our clients.

What Does a 3D Brazilian Bum Lift Cost?

Prices start from £149

For further details and info on our latest special offers, please get in touch with Rebecca directly.

Please Note: Bespoke prices available for HIFU Body Sculpting or Cryofreeze Treatment if necessary*. Personal Trainer Sessions, Body Composition Analysis and Bespoke Nutrition Packages also available.

What do our clients think about the 3D Brazilian Bum Lift?

“I have always been naturally slim so haven’t really worried about my weight over the years, however after having my son I found that I had started holding extra fat on my bum and it wasn’t feeling as firm as it once was! Along with improving what I was eating and increasing my exercise I felt that having the 3D Bum Lift treatment really helped me to achieve the results I was hoping for. It got rid of that extra fat, that I couldn’t shift alone and tightened the skin across the whole area along with improving the skin texture!”

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To book your appointment, or to discuss treatment plans for 3D Brazilian bum lifts, please contact Permanent Perfection today. Call us directly on 07947 314609, send an email to [email protected] or alternatively, complete our contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your enquiry. 

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