Fat Freezing Wigan – 3D Cryofreeze

So, what is Fat Freezing Wigan, and how does it work?

Are you thinking about Fat Freezing Wigan? Maybe you want to Freeze belly fat or trim love handles. Read on to find out how Fat Freezing works and what results to expect.

3D Cryofreeze works by freezing the fat cells in target the area down to -6 degrees. Our 3D Cryofreeze handpiece is applied to the target area, the vacuum then draws the fat cells into the handpiece to be frozen. This means that only the targeted fat cells are frozen, whilst also maximising the number of fat cells frozen. The handpiece will stay applied for 30-60 mins, depending upon the size of the area.

As fat cells are more vulnerable to the colder temperatures, the surrounding tissue is not affected. Once the treatment is completed, the fat cells will be fully frozen and crystallised, they will in turn die. This process is called Apoptosis.

Once the cells have died, they are processed out of the body via the lymphatic system as usual. Clients can expect between 20-40% reduction in fat cells in the treated area. As we need to wait for the body to process the fat cells, visible results can take between 6-12 weeks to show.

Fat Freezing Wigan

Is Fat Freezing Wigan right for me?

3D Cryofreeze is a fantastic treatment for targeting a specific area of stubborn fat. As the process kills the fat cells, they quite simply disappear!

Maybe you have multiple areas that you want to target, or perhaps you want to shift that stubborn stomach fat that just won’t go. 3D Cryofreeze is a formidable ally in that fight against flab.

As treatment times are no longer than 60 mins per area, it’s a fast and effective treatment, delivering results for our clients. Two areas can be treated at the same time, doubling the number of fat cells targeted and maximising fat loss.

What results can I expect?

Results are visible after between 6-12 weeks. After that point, clients can expect to see a 20-40% reduction in fat in the treatment area. Meaning that the thickness of the fat will have been dramatically reduced, and noticeably different from the pre-treatment state.

We will, of course, provide you with before and after pictures so you can marvel at the results.

What will 3D Cryofreeze cost me?

Prices start from £129

For further details and info on our latest special offers, please get in touch with Rebecca directly.

Personal Trainer Sessions, Body Composition Analysis and Bespoke Nutrition Plan Packages also available.


What do we think about Fat Freezing Wigan?

For us, Cryofreeze is a remarkable treatment, the simple fact that the fat cells die to be then eliminated by the body can’t be underestimated. Having this treatment done can simply remove fat forever.

3D Cryofreeze can be used as a one-off treatment or can be factored into a course of treatments or used as part our signature body protocols.

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Will this treatment Freeze Belly Fat?

I’m over the moon, I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ve been trying to shift the fat on my lower stomach for a while now. I eat well and exercise, but as the years are creeping on it’s getting harder and harder. I felt like I needed a bit of extra help. I’m so chuffed that I’ve gotten rid of my unwanted belly flab. Thanks so much!”

Peter, Wigan.


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