3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift

So, what is 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift, and how does it work?

3D-HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift works by delivering High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound into specific layers of skin at ultra-precise depths. The energy causes friction within molecules, this friction causes heat to be generated, up to 65 degrees. Due to the precise delivery of the focused energy, the superficial layers of the skin are not damaged.

Dependent upon the area being treated the energy will be delivered at depths of 1.5mm, 3mm and 4,5mm.

At 4.5mm, the energy is targeted at the SMAS layer. The SMAS layer is where the muscles of the face and soft tissue attach and is comprised of elastin and collagen.

As we age, the SMAS layer loses its ability to keep the skin around the face firm and tight. 3D HIFU can specifically target this layer and produce a lifting and tightening effect, hence the name 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift.


Is 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift for me?

The simple answer to this question is if you are looking for the latest in non-surgical facelift technology, then yes, this is most definitely for you.

Many of us don’t want to have surgery but want to do what we can to maintain our appearance. Whilst 3D HIFU Facelift is not surgery, it is an excellent alternative, providing our clients with excellent results. The treatment is a one off, so it is convenient for those with busy schedules.

3D HIFU is not recommended for clients under the age of 30.

What results can I expect from 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift?

Results take up to 12 weeks to show but can take longer.  Once the results are visible clients can expect to see firmer skin, which is lifted and tightened. The treated area will have a much more youthful look than it did prior to treatment.

What will 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift cost me?

Prices start from £345

For further details and info on our latest special offers, please get in touch with Rebecca directly.


What do we think about 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift?

3D HIFU has gotten us extremely excited indeed! We started out providing treatments to the face, so to add a Non-Surgical Facelift to our treatment portfolio is incredible for us. However, we do get more of a buzz when we see the results our clients get, smoothing out those lines, tightening and firming the skin on the face.

Our faces are on show all day every day, so we know how important it is for our clients to look their best, this technology helps us to help then do just that!

What do our clients think about 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift?

“As I’ve gotten older, over the years, I’ve noticed lines appearing, and my skin has become looser and lost its elasticity. I wanted to do something about it but didn’t want traditional surgery. That is why I was attracted to 3D HIFU Facelift at Permanent Perfection Aesthetics. I now feel that the skin around my face is fresher, firmer, and lifted around my cheeks. I love my new look!”

Jane, Croston.


Permanent Perfection Aesthetics