About Permanent Perfection Aesthetics

Permanent Perfection Aesthetics is the go-to clinic in the North West for Semi-Permanent Makeup, Plasma Pen, Non-Surgical Facelifts, Body Contouring, 3D Cavitation, 3D Cryofreeze, 3D Radio Frequency Fat Melting, 3D Brazilian Bum Lift and 3D Radio Frequency Skin Tightening.

We pride ourselves on placing the customer at the heart of everything we do. From the initial consultation to treatment and aftercare, we act as your guide every step of the way, ensuring you always get the absolute best service.  Our satisfaction comes from helping you to achieve the look that you want.

Our personalised approach ensures that together we select the best treatment for whatever your goals may be. You are only a few clicks away from recapturing your youthful look, dropping a dress size…or two, or regaining the confidence you once had.

We are an Aesthetics clinic, but the customer is our real business, we hold this thought close and ensure we live by this with every client that we work with.

plasma pen qualified technician

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Over the years, we have performed thousands of treatments and are proud to have many happy, returning customers. Here is what they have to say (link to testimonials) We are always evolving and investing in the latest technology to ensure you, the customer get results you deserve. Learn more about that here. (Link to our partners)

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Meet The Team

Rebecca, Founder

Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m a graduate of University of Central Lancashire, trained holistic therapist and fully qualified permanent makeup, plasma pen and aesthetics technician with over 10 years of experience.

I started my business back in 2010 after training in holistic therapy.  Way back then, my vision was to create a service that could help people to take time out of their busy schedules and forget about the stresses of everyday life with relaxing treatments. I wanted to be able to make a difference to people and thought that the best way to do so was to help relieve their aches and pains through massage and reflexology and incorporating the benefits of essential oils. Things were tough back then as I sadly lost my Mum to breast cancer less than a year before starting my business. Dealing with this was extremely hard and so I needed to focus all my energy and thoughts into making my business a success. Seeing it grow through these tough times and the positive response from my clients gave me the strength and determination I needed to succeed.

Although I was thoroughly enjoying providing holistic therapy treatments, I felt there was something missing. I realised that I missed being creative and using the skills I had gained during my degree in Art and Textile Innovations. It was at this point I came across Nouveu Contour and their training for Permanent Cosmetics. After conducting some initial research, I felt strongly that this could be what I was looking for to fill that creative void. I couldn’t have been more right! It has been the perfect combination of making my clients feel good about themselves and boost their confidence while at the same time I can thoroughly enjoy creating these little works of art! I was able to incorporate these treatments into my business and it wasn’t long before it was taking up most of my time as the demand grew.

Looking back on these past 10 years, I’m so proud of what my clients and I have achieved. Together we have brought so much happiness to each other, I can’t believe that I started out in a shed at the bottom of my garden to now having completed thousands of Permanent Makeup treatments and offering high tech, non-surgical treatments. However, if I take a moment, I can believe it because in my opinion if you have a real purpose in life together with doing the right thing for the customer, you will achieve what you set your mind to.

My desire to help is stronger now than it was back then. Each happy client brings me a sense of pride and achievement. I’m so proud of what my clients and I have achieved and am so looking forward to meeting news one to build happier memories and positive client outcomes together.

My role within the clinic is to carry out the treatments, ensure each client receives our brand of customer excellence, and their body hopes, and dreams are achieved. I know that working together we can really achieve great things.

Aside from my clinical duties, I am also responsible for selecting our partners. It’s so important that I choose the absolute best people our industry has to offer. They are so integral to the service I can provide and therefore are an extension of me and my business.

Before I invest in any new technology or decide whom to train with, I do my due diligence to the nth degree. I’m sure that I’m very annoying. However, I don’t apologise for this as I want the best for my clients.

Outside of my work, I can be found doing arts and crafts, visiting stately homes or castles. More active pursuits include running around north-west mountain biking trails after my 5-year-old son Isaac or cheering on my favourite rugby team, Wigan Warriors.  At home, I’m never happier than watching Downton Abbey with a cup of tea in my favourite teacup.

Get in touch with me directly here and I will answer any question you may have.

Tom, Client Support

Hi, I’m Tom a level 4 qualified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and life coach.

I started my working life in the fitness industry back in 1996, for those old enough to remember, I undertook a modern apprenticeship in Sport and Recreation around the time they replaced the old YTS schemes! I’d always been involved in sport, so a career in the health and fitness industry was the obvious choice. After several happy years, I moved into the corporate world, but always retained my passion for health and fitness. More recently, I spent time as the Head of People and HR for a large retail organisation. However, my love for health and fitness and desire to help people was too powerful for me to stay in the corporate world.

I decided I wanted to get back into the business of empowering people to live more healthy and active lives, so I decided to refresh my health and fitness qualifications, whilst adding a few more, to get back into the industry I love

Around this time, Rebecca and I were thinking about ways in which we could join forces to really help clients achieve their body dreams. That’s when we decided to integrate the health and fitness business into the clinic. Fusing the high-end technology of the 3d Lipo System together with proven training and nutrition methods, for us, was an easy choice to make.


Staying in shape can be done, but it takes effort, knowledge, and support. We want to be able t offer our body contouring clients an extra level of support that is going to make their body goal dreams more attainable and easier to maintain. We also want to be able to help those that need it to live more healthy and active lives.

Therefore, we took the decision to provide our body contouring clients with free personal training sessions and nutrition coaching and support, all out for our on-site studio / private gym.

I can remember when is started working at the gym back in 1996. I saw how difficult it was for people to get in shape or stay in shape. Having now had a very demanding and time-consuming career whilst juggling family life, I now know only too well the reality of the situation. Rebecca and I are committed to doing what we can to help.

I believe that our world-class body contouring technology together with proper maintenance (proper nutrition and programmed exercise) is just what our clients need to help them achieve their body goals.

So, my duties in the clinic are to programme and deliver exercise plans safely and provide nutrition coaching and support. We don’t force this on our customers and respect that everyone’s needs and requirements are different, but we want you to know that we are there to support our clients when they want it.

Outside of work, most of my time is spent with my partner Rebecca and my 5 years old son Isaac. We love mountain biking in Wales and the Lakes, watching Wigan Warriors and enjoying superhero films together. Isaac is either going to play for Wigan Warriors or be Batman when he grows up, so it’s only right that I assist him with his career planning and research.

For any help, support advice or questions, please get in touch here.

Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you find the information useful.

Get in touch with me directly here and I will answer any question you may have.


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