September 9, 2021

Want someone who takes on your opinions and creates the brows you’ve always wanted? Well…permanent perfection aesthetics is where to come. Rebecca has created the brows I have always wanted. I now have the “get up and go brows” I need for a busy life style. No need to touch or make up, just wake up and thats it. I’ve had my second treatment, after a very successful first session, I went back with the little tweaks I wanted in mind and Rebecca created just that! Is there anything better than having a vision and watching someone bring it to life? I also think it important to feel like you’re in the hands of a professional…which you do, who’s perfectionist flair has made me 100% satisfied. I would recommend Rebecca (I already have) and the compliments I’ve got have shown me I now have brows which people envy!! Thank you 😊


Permanent Perfection Aesthetics