September 8, 2021

I have tried diets in the past but struggled to loose stomach fat , disheartened with diet and didn’t feel good about myself. Motivation to diet and gym was starting to wane

I built a relationship with Rebecca ,very professional, friendly and Instils trust. I have recommended friends and family to other services offered

As always during the treatments I was put at ease and had great confidence in Rebecca

The physical effects where dramatic over the course of the treatment but the main benefit was the improved self confidence and the kick on for the gym and lifestyle with the added bonus of not just the treatment but the additional personal training sitting along side , pushing me to better training and really inspiring me to get healthy

The PT Service, was a great compliment to the treatments , Permanent Perfection is not just about the treatment but a complete holistic approach to help you get the best out of what they offer and I cannot recommend highly enough . Tom and Rebecca made it a really positive experience



Permanent Perfection Aesthetics