This is an ideal treatment for people who continually need to use a brow pencil for patchy or non-existent eyebrows. It is also fantastic for Alopecia sufferers or chemotherapy patients. You can choose from subtle soft pencil look or textured hair strokes. Different needle configurations are used to produce the two different effects. The ‘powdered brow’ is great for people who are used to using powder or pencil to fill in any gaps and to give a stronger, more defined shape whereas the ‘3D hairstroke brow’ gives a great natural and realistic look which is fantastic for people with very little or no eyebrows as the effect is more subtle. If you are unsure as to which effect you think you should go for, this can be discussed in the free consultation where Rebecca will give her advice on what would suit you, taking into account your face shape and personality.


Beautiful eyes made easy with a natural look. This technique has been created to make your eyes look bigger, lashes thicker and to emphasise the colour of your eyes. There are even advanced techniques that give the eye a better contour. This treatment is ideal for sporty types – especially swimmers or people with small eyes or who are looking for more definition and shape. Alopecia patients may benefit as the illusion of lashes can be created or people with poor vision will no longer have to endure the hardship of applying makeup every day.



Beautiful lips, enhanced in shape with a permanent colour, lip contour and blush are ideal for clients who have lost colour or shape through the ageing process. As a beauty treatment, this procedure is ideal for people with active, busy lives who don’t want the hassle of applying makeup.

Semi Permanent Makeup


Semi permanent makeup is also referred to as micro-pigmentation or permanent cosmetics. Although the overall appearance will gradually fade over time, there may still be some particles of pigment left in the skin indefinitely. This is an advanced technique that involves inserting pigment into the skins top layer to enhance certain facial features. It is especially popular among celebrities, those who have received chemotherapy, Alopecia sufferers and those who simply want to replace having to use regular makeup every day.

 The procedure is less invasive compared to regular tattoos as the pigment is placed in the epidermis unlike permanent tattooing which is under the dermis or sub cutis, which are deeper later. The pigments used are pharmaceutical graded and designed to gradually fade. They are available in vast range of colours with lots of options to suit everyone’s skin tone.

Semi-permanent makeup is designed to last between one and three years however you will need to have maintenance treatments to keep the results looking their best. On average it is approximately every year or so you will need to do this, however the length of time between top ups is determined by your skin type, metabolism, the environment you are exposed to and medication. One of the great things about this treatment is when you book in for a top up, you can tweak the shape or colour as you age or your tastes change.

What happens on the day of the treatment?


Prior to treatment Rebecca will do a full consultation with you which includes asking finding out about your medical history and any medication you are currently taking. She will then talk through the treatment with you and answer any questions you may have. At this point you will be able to discuss the shape, style and colour for your chosen treatment and look through photos of her previous work. She will also talk through the after care you will need to follow post treatment.

Once a treatment date has been arranged, a non-refundable deposit of £35 is required to secure this appointment. If you need to rearrange, you must inform Rebecca by telephone, at least 24hours before. If you change your mind about receiving the treatment, you will lose this deposit, otherwise this amount will be taken off the total cost of the treatment and Rebecca will inform you of the remaining balance to be paid on your arranged appointment date.

On the day of the treatment Rebecca will apply a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream). You will be shown a few different shades suitable for you and once you and Rebecca are happy with the chosen pigment it will be mixed for you. Then Rebecca will draw out the shape and once you are happy, this will be used as a template and the treatment will start.

Once the treatment is completed, Rebecca will talk through the aftercare once more and give you a copy to take home along with an aftercare balm to use. It is extremely important to follow the advice in order to get the best results.

You are then required to arrange a re-touch treatment which needs to be taken four to six weeks later. This is because sometimes, the skin manages to push particles of ink out and therefore can leave some patchiness or unevenness in colour. The purpose of the re-touch treatment is to fill any gaps, reinforce the colour and make any final adjustments. This treatment is included in the initial price, any further treatments will be charged.

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