Semi-Permanent Makeup Bolton

Permanent Perfection offers a range of semi-permanent makeup solutions in Bolton. Oour makeup treatments enhance eyebrows and lips so you no longer have to worry about applying makeup every single day.

What is semi permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent make-up is similar to a tattoo, in that makeup (or colouring) is applied to various parts of the face, such as eyebrows, eyeliner (upper and lower), and lips. It is a very simple procedure.

Semi Permanent Makeup Services in Bolton

Permanent Perfection offer the following semi-permanent makeup treatments to clients in Bolton:

  • Eyebrows – One of our most popular treatments, many people want semi-permanent eyebrows in Bolton to help thicken their brows or to restore more natural-looking brows where pencils may usually be used. With similar effects to microblading, the method we use involves the use of a digital machine to provide the hairstroke look rather than a handheld implement.
  • Eye Liner – Put away the eyeliner pencil and enjoy semi-permanent eyeliner; the perfect treatment to accentuate your eyes.
  • Lip Blush – Bring some colour to your lips with our semi-permanent lip blush treatment. Choose your preferred colour with advice from our beauty technician, Rebecca.
  • Lipliner – Help to define the lips with semi-permanent lip liner.

More information on our treatments offered can be found on our Services page.

What makes our treatments ‘semi permanent’?

You have two layers of skin that the makeup is injected into. The top layer of skin flakes off after time and this will cause the makeup to fade (requiring a top up) and the inner layer of skin doesn’t shed, creating a more permanent effect. Because makeup is injected into both sets of skin the makeup will appear much darker but will fade over time. You generally find that you will need to top up your semi-permanent makeup every 1-3 years so give us a call and we will make our way to your home in Bolton.

Plasma Pen Treatments

At Permanent Perfection, we can also offer fibroblasting, Plasma Pen treatments for those suffering from loose skin, excess wrinkles and saggy jowls. In fact, any area of the face and body that requires the skin tightening up can benefit from our Plasma Pen service.

We find that many people are looking for hooded eye treatments in Bolton and our Plasma Pen application is perfect for this.

Our non-surgical, Plasma Pen treatment can lift, tighten and rejuvenate your skin, with results lasting 3-5 years, if not permanently.

If you’re looking to reduce the signs of ageing, then our long-term beauty treatment is the perfect choice.

Contact Permanent Perfection

Rebecca at Permanent Perfection is fully trained and certified and uses a strict hygiene code when proceeding with any semi-permanent makeup treatments.

For semi permanent make up treatments in Bolton, please call us today on 01704 823592 or mobile 07947 314609.


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