Microblading vs Machine Brows: Which is Your Brow BFF?


Microblading vs Machine Brows: Introduction


If you are reading this post, chances are you are considering some form of semi permeant makeup or cosmetic tattoo. Yes? Ok, we’ll assume that’s the case, then. You may have already had semi permanent makeup treatment or are entirely new to cosmetic tattooing. Either way, this guide will help you understand the difference between Microblading and the Machine Brow method so you can make your mind up regarding the Microblading vs Machine Brows debate.

We will look at the history of each technique to learn more about where Microblading and Machine Brow techniques originate. We will also look at the differences between the methods and who they may be more suited to, and finally, we will give you our opinion on the Microblading vs Machine Brows debate…Having been established for over 12 years, it’s only fitting that we have our view on the Microblading vs Machine Brows discussion that keeps rolling on!


Microblading vs Machine Brows: Who are Permanent Perfection Aesthetics?


Semi Permanent Makeup In Wigan Before we dive into all of this, we’ll take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

Permanent Perfection Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning Aesthetics Clinic situated in the heart of Lancashire. We have been established for over 12 years and have completed thousands of successful semi permanent makeup treatments. We are Micropigmentation experts who have provided Micropigmentation services to women & men for over 12 years.

During our many years in business, we have learned how different skin types, features, ages, and ethnicities affect how the treatments should be performed and how the finished product will look.  We combine our know-how with high-quality and dedication to high-class results, setting us apart from the competition.


Microblading vs Machine Brows – History of Microblading 


Contrary to popular belief, Microblading is a form of tattooing. It originated in Asia thousands of years ago. In the past 25 years, Microblading has become more popular, branching out from its original geographical areas and spreading across the USA and Europe. Thus becoming the well-known procedure that it is today.


Microblading vs Machine Brows – History of Machine Brows


Machine Brows using a digital machine is also a form of Micropigmentation. It is a much newer technique using more advanced technology. Again, it can be said that Micropigmentation is descended from ancient forms of tattooing, but the method we know today is indeed a modern method.

The Machine Brow method has become popular due to its effectiveness and versatility. Properly trained and skilled artists can create a vast array of brow effects, meaning the treatment suits a wide range of people with different skin types, ethnicities, and desired styles.

Machine Brows

How does Microblading Work?

A Microblading artist’s goal is to recreate natural-looking eyebrows. They do this using a manual tool that makes tiny incisions into the skin, enabling the artist to implant a small amount of pigment Into the skin.

Microblading could be considered an easier path to get into the semi permanent makeup industry as there are fewer techniques or brow styles to master, and the equipment required to start up is considerably cheaper to acquire. So, you will find many newcomers to the cosmetic tattoo industry starting out offering Microblading services.

How do Machine Brows work?

Natural-looking Machine Brows are created using a digital Micropigmentation machine that deposits tiny amounts of pigment into the skin with each stroke. The machine method is popular due to its precise and reliable nature. The digital machine can create a vast array of looks and styles in the hands of skilled semi permanent makeup artists. Hence its popularity.

Training companies offer Microblading to Machine Brows conversion courses, which speaks to the effectiveness and popularity of the Machine Brow method.

Who is Microblading suitable for?

So, as with many cosmetic treatments, the answer to this question is very subjective. It can depend on what look you are going for, your budget and your skin type. Microblading is a popular choice for many people due to their familiarity with the treatment. However, its popularity and familiarity may prevent people from considering the Machine Brow method, which, in many cases, is more suitable for people.

Microblading is a good option for people looking for a softer look. It also works well for clients who want small areas filled in. However, Microblading is not suitable for everyone, for example, people with oily skin.

Furthermore, people may want to consider if this is the right option as, over time, the build-up of the tiny incisions could pose a scarring risk. Another point to consider Is a Microblading technician must manually apply pressure with the blade to ensure the pigment is implanted correctly, being careful not to go too deep or shallow.

Then, and this is the point everyone must consider, it’s essential to go to a reputable technician, as the success of the whole process is entirely based on the skill of the individual performing the treatment. If an inexperienced technician performs Microblading and the treatment doesn’t work out as planned, rectifying any issues can be lengthy and often require laser removal.

So, if Microblading is for you, please do your research!

Who is the Machine Brow method suitable for?

One of the significant aspects of the Machine Brow method is its versatility; people opting for it can choose from styles ranging from bold to softer and natural.

Another benefit to the Machine Brow method is it is a precise and controlled method of implanting the pigment into the skin. Hence, the client is protected from the pigment being impeded too deep or shallow.

Furthermore, the machine method is an overall semi permanent makeup solution. It can be used for lip bush/lip tattoos and eyeliner tattoos (inset links). Clients can opt for more treatments with the same technician they trust and feel comfortable and relaxed with.

So, if you want to opt for a more precise method of cosmetic tattooing, Then the Machine Brow method would be an excellent option. As always, the technician’s skill level will significantly dictate the treatment outcome, even with the added precision and control that comes with the machine method.

So, again, please do your research. Ask questions such as: 

  • Has the technician been established for several years? 
  • Do they have positive reviews? 
  • Have they got examples of a wide range of work, including your desired style? 
  • Have they won any relevant awards? 
  • Do they listen to your needs and help you to feel comfortable with treatment? 

These are all excellent points of reference when choosing a Machine Brow technician.     

Microblading vs Machine Brows – What do we think?

The founding principle of our business is to provide the best treatment and services we can to our clients while giving fantastic service at every opportunity. So, with that in mind, the digital machine method is best due to the precise nature of the digital machine.

When combined with the proper knowledge, skill, and experience, the digital machine’s precise and refined finish far outweighs the benefits of Microblading. As previously mentioned, the result will depend upon the artist’s skill level, but once again, the Machine Brow method is second to none in the right hands.

Furthermore, feedback from our clients who have had Microblading before coming to us suggests that Microblading is a lot more painful. However, we can’t confirm this, as it is the opinion of our clients, not something we have experienced ourselves.

Another point that wins it for the digital machine method is its application for other treatments. Many of our clients book for their brows but then return to have additional treatments, such as lip blush and semi permanent eyeliner. They do this as they know the clinic and the results they have gotten and feel comfortable coming to us for more semi permanent makeup services.

Again, this is important to our clinic as we want to offer clients an excellent service they feel satisfied with. However, that’s not to say that Microblading isn’t a good option for some people.

Furthermore, some talented Microblading artists are doing great work; we’ve seen some great examples when we’ve been out and about at awards ceremonies. But finally, we love our digital Brow Machine and are sticking by it.

Microblading vs Machine Brows – Conclusion

So, we’ve looked at the history of Machine Brows and Microblading and the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment. Furthermore, we’ve looked at who each treatment may be suited to and why. Lastly, we gave our opinion based on our 12 years of industry experience.

We hope you have found this helpful article, and if you have any further questions on semi permanent makeup, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT  our founder, Rebecca.


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