Belly Fat Removal – Non-Surgical Fat Removal


Belly Fat Removal Introduction:


For many people, Belly Fat Removal is an important goal to achieve.


However, while the goal may seem simple, it’s a goal that eludes many people. Whether you have tried diets and exercise that don’t work for you, or maybe you want to try these methods but haven’t got the time, or you wish to investigate Non-Surgical or Surgical Belly Fat Removal methods but are unsure what is suitable, we hope this guide will help inform you of what options are out there.


So, we will look at the basics of Belly Fat Storage, calorie intake versus calorie expenditure, exercise and then move on to Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal and Surgical Belly Fat Removal options. 


Furthermore, we will hear from some of our customers who have tried and tested some of the Belly Fat Removal solutions or combinations of methods we will discuss in this guide.


Finally, we will give our opinion on Belly Fat Removal based on our experiences with clients and our personal experiences of undergoing some of the Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal methods we will discuss in the guide.


Belly Fat Removal: Who Are Permanent Perfection Aesthetics? 


Cavitation Fat Loss In WiganPermanent Perfection Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning Aesthetics Clinic situated in the heart of Lancashire.

We have been established for over 12 years and have thousands of happy clients. We are Aesthetic experts who have provided services to women & men for over 12 years.

We are well known for our Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal procedures. We combine our know-how with high-quality equipment and dedication to high-class results, setting us apart from the competition.

Aside from Qualified Aesthetics Technicians on our staff, we also have a Level 4 Personal Trainer, so we hope that the knowledge gained over our years of theory and practical application will help you understand the challenges posed by Belly Fat Removal and, more importantly, how to overcome them by selecting the right solution, or combination of solutions that works for you and your circumstances.




Belly Fat Removal: The Basics of Fat Storage:


Belly Fat Removal

Fat, we all have it, and we all need it…. However, the issue for many people arises when we have excess stored by the body. We all need Fat. It provides energy and contributes to vital bodily functions. For example, did you know that without the aid of Fat, the body would not be able to absorb essential vitamins such as A, D, & E?

Note that it is far outside the scope of this guide to give a comprehensive guide to Fat, the different types, good and bad fats, etc. The point we are making is that Fat is not all bad. An excess of stored Fat presents the challenges many face, specifically and relating to this guide, Belly Fat.

Fat Storage

As mentioned, if we have excess energy, it is stored as Fat in our cells by the body. As we know, it often ends up in the belly area. This natural bodily function has been with us throughout thousands of years of evolution. We can’t change that, but we can get around the problem if we understand it.

Everyone is different, will all have a different number of fat cells, and will be genetically predisposed to storing Fat in specific areas; this can be different for males & females and, again, different between females, think apple & pear body shapes.

Many factors dictate fat storage, not least metabolism, insulin & carb resistance, amongst others, but that again is outside this guide’s scope. We are discussing the basics and are looking for practical Belly Fat Removal solutions.

So, we know we need Fat as energy and any excess is stored in the body, but why do I lose weight then put it back on again in the same place?

Simple, because when you use more calories than you intake, the body uses its fat stores, resulting in Fat Cells shrinking, but this is the crucial point: they are still there!

This means that if and when the calorie equation changes and more calories are consumed than used, the body stores the excess energy as Fat in the same places… therein lies the limitation of short-term diets or 10-week body transformation crash courses, but we won’t go there in this discussion.

Before moving on to our next point, we must tackle one common question….

Belly Fat Removal: can I spot reduce my Belly Fat?

The answer to this is good & bad. But no, you can’t spot reduce belly fat without some form of Belly Fat Removal Treatment.

You can do evidence-based exercises/techniques to burn belly fat, HIIT, and not consume certain foods. Still, the truth is that you can’t spot reduce Belly Fat with diet and exercise alone…now remember that word alone, as we will pick that point up later.

However, we did say that the answer was good and bad. Exercise and/or healthy eating can lead to an overall reduction in Body Fat, which will aid in the goal of Belly Fat Removal.


Belly Fat Removal: Calories in Versus Calories Out


As mentioned, Belly / Body Fat results from excess calories the body stores as energy. We will briefly take a look at this.


For example, an individual needs 2,000 calories daily to perform vital bodily functions and daily activities but consumes 2,500. This, over time, will inevitably lead to an increase in weight.


On the flip side, if the same individual consumed 500 calories less, this individual would lose weight.


Now, this is important. We are not advising anyone to consume 500 calories less. This guide’s purpose is to point out the basics.


Should anyone wish to embark on a calorie reduction plan to help shift Belly Fat, we strongly recommend seeking the advice of an appropriate professional to determine what is right for you.


Some of the main culprits contributing to excess energy and stored Body Fat include:


  • Needing to move the body more daily – Moving the body can be strenuous HIIT exercise or simply walking to the shops rather than going in the car
  • Snacking – Too often between meals
  • Portion sizes – Too large
  • Sugar – Too much in this diet, sweets, in brews, fizzy pop, etc
  • Cheat days/meals – Too many cheat meals that turn into cheat days, then cheat weekends and or mid-week takeaway treats
  • Alcohol consumption and the inevitable munches
  • Limited information or education on healthy eating choices


Furthermore, many people are unaware of how many calories are contained in the Fat stored in the body, so they can sometimes miscalculate the gains made from diet or exercise.


As a rough guide, calories contained in stored body fat and, ultimately, Belly Fat are:


  • 3500 calories in a pound of body fat
  • 7700 calories in a kilo of body fat


To put that into some form of context, let’s convert that into stone. There are 6.35 kilos in a stone and 14 pounds in a stone.


So, approximately 49,000 calories per stone of body fat.


Now, that’s a lot of calories to burn off. At 300 calories per session, that is 163 sessions of exercise!


Before moving on, we would like to acknowledge that many health conditions contribute to excess body fat, for example, Thyroid/Metabolic conditions and health issues related to disability and a lack of mobility.


We are not qualified to comment on those issues, but for those who read this guide who may be affected, we wanted to acknowledge that this is a real issue for many people.


Belly Fat Removal – Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal Treatments


So, remember earlier when we said you can’t spot or reduce belly fat alone with diet and exercise?


The good news is that there are highly effective Non-Surgical ways to spot reduce belly fat.


Let’s quickly look at 4 popular Non-Surgical Belly Fat removal methods. However, we can only speak about the effectiveness of our methods: Radio Frequency Fat Melting, Cavitation and Fat Freezing.


These are great Non-Surgical methods to target unwanted belly fat.


Fat Freezing – A practical, convenient, and popular Non—Surgical Belly Fat Removal method


Fat Freezing, or Cryolipolisis, works by freezing the fat cells in the target area to -6 degrees. We apply our 3D Lipo Cryofreeze handpiece to the target area. The vacuum then draws the fat cells into the handpiece to be frozen. This means that only the targeted fat cells are frozen whilst also maximising the number of fat cells frozen. The handpiece will stay applied for 30-60 minutes, depending upon the size of the area.

Belly Fat Removal Fat Freezing

As fat cells are more vulnerable to colder temperatures, the surrounding tissue is not affected. Once the treatment is completed, the fat cells will be fully frozen and crystallized. They will, in turn, die. This process is called Apoptosis.


Once the cells have died, they are processed out of the body via the lymphatic system as usual. Clients can expect between 20-40% reduction in fat cells in the treated area. As we must wait for the body to process the fat cells, visible results can take 6-12 weeks to show.


Cavitation – Our most popular Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal Treatment


Belly Fat Removal Cavitation

3D Cavitation Fat Reduction works by transmitting ultrasonic energy waves into fat cells. The ultrasonic energy causes the fat cells to break down, which are then eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system. It’s an entirely painless procedure with no downtime.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a fantastic treatment as it works well across several body areas. Furthermore, Cavitation is an excellent choice for clients who want to target larger or multiple areas of unwanted Fat. Another benefit of Cavitation is the results are instant. The quick results significantly boost body confidence and offer great value for money.

Cavitation is such an effective treatment that plastic surgeons use Cavitation before Surgical Liposuction to help them get better results.


Radio Frequency Fat Melting: An excellent Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal treatment that works well with Cavitation.


Another popular and effective treatment, 3D Radio Frequency Fat Melting, works by gently heating Fat Cells. Radio Frequency energy is transmitted via our Ultimate Pro Tri-Polar device into the fat cells. However, as they mainly consist of oil, they do not effectively conduct the Radio Frequency energy. Radio Frequency Fat Melting


As a result, the Radio Frequency energy’s resistance turns into heat, creating the melting effect,


3D Radio Frequency Fat Melting is a popular option among our clients wishing to target larger areas or those wishing to target small stubborn areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.


Typical treatment areas include love handles, upper and lower abdomen, and buttocks. For maximum results, we often combine Radio Frequency with Cavitation.


Fat Freezing, Cavitation and Radio Frequency Fat Melting are all available at Permanent Perfection Aesthetics.


Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal – Fat Loss Injections 


Another Non-Surgical Option is Fat Loss Injections. We cannot give a first-hand account of their effectiveness as we do not offer them in our clinic.


As injections are Non-Surgical options, they should be in this guide. Belly Fat Removal Fat Dissolving Injections


Fat-dissolving injections work by injecting a substance into the subcutaneous Fat. This substance then causes some fat in the treatment area to dissolve.


An example of a well-known Fat Injection Treatment is Aqualyx. This is a brand name and is comprised of Deoxycholic Acid (DC) and plant compounds.

Belly Fat Removal – Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatments


Belly Fat Removal Non-Surgical

  • Permanently Eliminate Fat Cells
  • No surgery or anesthetic is required
  • No downtime or recovery periods
  • Treat multiple areas at the same time
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe



Belly Fat Removal – Surgical Options

We must point out that we are not plastic surgeons, so the following information is purely for informational purposes only!


Let’s take a brief look at one of the most known Surgical Fat Removal procedures.




According to the NHS Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted body fat. It works by sucking out small areas of Fat around the body that have proved resistant and stubborn to diet and exercise.












Typical areas for Liposuction Include.

  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Belly


According to the NHS, the results are generally good and can be maintained alongside a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


Liposuction is an invasive process. It usually involves a general or, in some cases, can be done with an epidural and an anesthetic.


Suffice it to say that this procedure comes with the associated risks of surgery.


According to the NHS, recovery times can take up to 4-6 weeks to return to strenuous activity and up to 6 months for the effects to be noticeable as any swelling must subside and the area must settle.


We will not draw up a list of benefits of Surgical Options as it’s far outside our qualifications to do so.


For anyone interested in Surgical Options such as Liposuction, we strongly recommend researching via reliable sources, such as the NHS, and speaking to approved qualified medical personnel.


Belly Fat Removal – Real People Real Results


Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal



“I have tried diets in the past but struggled to lose stomach fat, I was disheartened with diet and didn’t feel good about myself. Motivation to diet and gym was starting to wane.

The physical effects were dramatic throughout the treatment, but the main benefit was the improved self-confidence”



Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal – What do we think?


Several viable options exist for those who wish to remove Belly Fat permanently. Your attitude towards surgery and potential risks will likely significantly influence your decision.


Our position on this is clear, given that we operate a Non-Surgical aesthetics clinic. However, our opinion isn’t just because we get great results from our customers; we have had Fat Freezing, Cavitation and Radio Frequency ourselves at our clinic, and we know 100% that the treatments work.


We will not lead you down the garden path to say the results are as dramatic as surgery…if they were surgical, options would cease to exist, and that isn’t the case.


However, and this IS A BIG HOWEVER, the results are outstanding. Fat Freezing


For us, our clients and others across the globe, the results gained from Non-Surgical Belly Fat Removal are so good that the potential risks versus rewards of Surgical Belly Fat Removal are only not worth it.



Again, as with most things in life, it comes down to personal choice, which is excellent. Some opt for Non-Surgical, and some opt for Surgical.


Lastly, we are big fans of combining the methods discussed with an overall approach to healthy eating and exercise. But we recognise that this is a lifestyle choice only some wish to make.  Belly Fat Removal


We’ve had reports from clients who purposely did not alter their diet or exercise when undergoing a course of our Cavitation Treatments “to check if they actually worked, “… indeed, they were not disappointed!


Treatments available at Permanent Perfection Aesthetics are all carried out using our state-of-the-art 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro.

3D Lipo Fat Freezing in Wigan


Permanent Fat Cell Removal

All our treatments are effective at permanently eliminating Fat Cells from the body.


  • Fat Freezing
  • Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency Fat Melting
  • Shockwave



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