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Do you get frustrated with certain parts of your body that seem to have an unholy power to resist the effects of diet and exercise? Are you frustrated that you can’t shift those stubborn areas of excess fat? Here at Permanent Perfection, we offer a complete range of body treatments with 3D lipo in Wigan, Chorley, Ormskirk and the surrounding areas.

3D Lipo Wigan, Chorley & Ormskirk

3D lipo signature protocols are a range of bespoke treatment plans designed to target those areas that prove difficult to manage. Each protocol is designed around the individual clients, based on their goals and body type. In most cases, a 3D lipo Signature Protocol will combine different treatments to get the maximum results for our clients.

Is a 3D lipo Signature Protocol for me?

This depends on your goals and desired treatment outcomes. Our 3D lipo signature body protocols typically include the following treatment plans:

5 Point Lower Lift – Target, stubborn fat on the “love, handles” abdomen and lower thighs

3D Bum Lift Treatment – Targets stubborn fat on the “banana roll” and outside thigh pockets whilst also tightening the glute area.

3D Thigh Gap Treatment – Target stubborn fat in this area to help sculpt and define the inner thighs.

3D Bingo Wings Treatment – Many of our customers come to us after having searched for bingo wing treatment in Chorley, Ormskirk or Wigan. 3D lipo is used as a treatment for bingo wings as it can target stubborn fat in this area to help sculpt and define the arm.

3D Man boobs Treatments – Target stubborn fat in this area to help sculpt and define the ‘moob’ area.

What results can I expect from a 3D lipo Signature Protocol?

Results will, of course, depend on the combination of treatments used. Please see below for expected treatment outcomes for each technology, to give you an idea of the expected results.

3D Cavitation – Instant results! All clients vary, but typical effects range from 2-4 cm per treatment area.

3D Cryofreeze – Results are visible after between 6-12 weeks. At that point, clients can expect to see a 20-40% reduction in fat in the treatment area, which means that the fat thickness will have been dramatically reduced and noticeably different from the pre-treatment state.

3D Radio Frequency Fat-MeltingClients can see results straight away. However, throughout the course, results will improve with each treatment. As the fat cells are melted away; each subsequent treatment will reach deeper fat levels.

3D-HIFU Body Sculpting – Results are visible after between 4-16 weeks. At that point, clients can expect to see on average a 2-4cm reduction in fat in the treated area.

To find out more about our 3D lipo Signature Protocols or to book your appointment for 3D lipo in Chorley, Wigan, Ormskirk or in another area, head over to our treatment page or get in touch with one of the team.

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