Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport

So, what is Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport, and how does it work?

Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport is an advanced technique that involves a highly skilled technician using specialist equipment, inserting pigment into the top layer of skin to create or enhance the features of the face. The procedure is much less invasive than standard tattoos.

During a Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport Treatment, the pigment is inserted into the more superficial layers of the skin. Whilst traditional tattooing requites deeper insertion of pigment.

The pigments used in Semi Permanent Makeup are pharmaceutical grade and designed to gradually fade over time. They are available in a vast range of colours with lots of options to suit everyone’s skin tone.

Semi Permanent Makeup requires many hours of training and practice to become proficient and should not be confused with other treatments such as microblading.

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Is Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport for me?

Semi Permanent Makeup is suitable for a wide range of people due to the vast array of pigments.

For eyebrows, the treatment is excellent when it is necessary to create entirely new brows or for adding to brows that may be thinning or are a little sparse. Furthermore, definition can be added to existing brows along with any shaping work required.

Where eyes are concerned, they will become more defined, lashes will appear fuller, and Semi Permanent Makeup can help people who may find it difficult to apply eye makeup themselves.

As for lips, a subtle lip line can be added if colour is lost on the vermillion border. Or lips can be made to appear fuller with that all-important blush of colour.

We know every client is different, as is every treatment. Our clients receive a service that is entirely bespoke to the individual.

Over the years, we have done thousands of treatments and are immensely proud of our work. However, we are most proud of the work we do with those who have Alopecia or are undergoing Chemotherapy, to be able to help these clients means the world to us.

 Semi Permanent Make Up in Southport – Gold Award Winning Services

Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport – Services

  • Eyebrows – 3D Hairstroke effect, Powdered effect, or Combination
  • Eyeliner – From a subtle Eyelash Enhancement to a glamorous, winged liner
  • Lips – Lipliner and Lip Blush

I can either replicate how the client’s eyebrows once were or create a whole new look. The critical point here is to help clients rebuild their confidence. I am also able to add subtle eyeliner treatments to create definition where their eyelashes once were.

I find working with clients who have undergone Chemotherapy or suffer from some form of Alopecia rewarding. Given my personal experience, I know just how vital these treatments are for these clients.

Other treatments available at the clinic include:



What do our clients think about Semi Permement Makeup in Southport?

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Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport –

 Rebecca Brown – British Hair & Beauty Awards 2021 Gold Winner

My Semi Permanent Makeup journey started in 2011. I had recently experienced a very painful bereavement after losing my mother to cancer in 2009. As chemotherapy causes hair loss, I became aware that semi-permanent make-up for women undergoing this treatment could help regain their confidence and allow them to take back some control of their look through this immensely challenging time. I can remember thinking that if I could help just one person feel better, I would have done a good thing!

Aside from the more vocational aspects of permanent make-up, I was drawn to it as I felt it suited my skills. I have a background in art, am an avid drawer, and particularly enjoy producing incredibly detailed work. Furthermore, I enjoy serving customers, so it all felt like a perfect match, giving me the opportunity to use my innate skills and characteristics whilst also providing a valuable service.

I decided to train with Nouveau Contour (KB academy). I was drawn to them because they have a compelling reputation in the market, but also, Karen does lots of work with worthy charities close to my heart. Her training academy felt like an excellent match for my values as a person and my skillset.

Since providing the initial services in my purpose-built cabin at the bottom of my garden that my Dad built for me, I now operate from two permanent bases: Wigan and Mawdesley. Furthermore, I have trained in additional services and now offer a broader range of carefully selected treatments to new and existing customers alike.

I originally planned to run the business part-time whilst being a part-time homemaker. However, over the years, I’ve changed my outlook and enjoy being a full-time professional businesswoman and dedicate as much time as possible to my business whilst maintaining a healthy personal life with my son and partner.

For any questions whatsoever, please contact me.  Also, feel free to head over to our review page.


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Semi Permanent Makeup in Southport – How do I book?

To book one of our award-winning services couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply choose one of the below methods or fill out a contact form here.


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Whatever method you choose, you will receive a swift, friendly and professional response.

Locations – Mawdesley (Junction 27 M6) Based in a lovely, converted barn house in the village of Mawdesley. Our clinic is easily accessed from many locations across Lancashire. With onsite parking, getting here couldn’t be easier.

Locations – Wigan Based in Wigan Town Centre. We are easy to get to and find. Just two minutes away from the Train station, and right next to the Bus Station. We are also located conveniently next to a large car park.


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