Personal Training in Mawdesley 

Resistance, cardio, weight loss and Personal Training in Mawdesley.

Personal Training in Mawdesley is now available. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing best in class service, we recently opened our own on-site personal training studio. Currently we are supporting our body contouring clients with exercise plans and nutrition.

With the addition of Personal Training in Mawdesley, we can now offer an enhanced level of support to clients throughout their journey to attain the body of their dreams.


Personal Training in Mawdesley with Permanent Perfection Aesthetics.

Available services:

  • Cardio Training
  • Free Weights and Functional Training
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Exercise Program App
  • Nutrition planning and tracking app
  • Health and Fitness Testing
  • Tailored 121 personal training aligned to our client’s body contouring goals


If you are looking for Personal Training in Mawdesley, then you have come to the right place. Want to improve confidence? No problem. Want to know the proper exercises to do for your age, body type and goals? We’ve got you covered.

Our friendly and supportive approach has been designed with you in mind.

Our in-house personal trainer is qualified to level 4 and is a certified nutrition coach and GP exercise referral, practitioner.


The Optimum Performance Model

Our Personal Trainer is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine based in the USA. He follows a research based approach to designing suitable, and effective training programmes. Whether you are newcomer to exercise and would like to improve posture, stability, and balance. Or are looking to loose weight and increase your strength and fitness levels.

Furthermore, we can also program safe exercise plans for common illness and injuries.

To meet our trainer, click here…. For more info on the OPT Model of training, watch the video on the right


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