Personal Training in Mawdesley

Resistance, cardio, weight loss and Personal Training in Mawdesley.

Personal Training in Mawdesley is now available. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing best in class service, we recently opened our own on-site personal training studio. Currently we are supporting our body contouring clients with exercise plans and nutrition.

Our approach to Personal Training is to educate and coach our clients to equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to train successfully on their own.

Yes, that’s right our aim is for you to not need to book many sessions with us.

Read on to find out about our highly successful Kickstart Package.

With the addition of Personal Training in Mawdesley, we can now offer an enhanced level of support to clients throughout their journey to attain the body of their dreams.


Personal Training in Mawdesley – Kickstart Package

Want to maximise the effort and time that you are spending in the gym/home workouts?

Not sure what exercises are suitable for you? 

Ever look at some of the equipment in the gym and wonder what it is for? Want to try new training methods but are unsure of what to try?

Want to improve confidence levels & build lifelong sustainable skills to improve your performance in the gym?

The Permanent Perfection kick start package has been designed with you in mind. We will show you how to use suitable equipment and safely introduce new training methods.

The kickstart package aims to educate/coach new training methods so that you can use the gym confidently for years to come. – We don’t want you to be booking any more sessions with us! Instead, we want you to stand on your own 2 feet.

Kickstart package includes:

  • Full Face to Face consultation and assessment – including movement assessment and corrective exercise. 
  • Face to face practical session – Demonstration & correct technique 
  • A 12-week progressive training programme
  • Nutrition assessment / personalised macro calculation
  • Access to exercise library app with a written and visual demonstration so you can view how to perform exercises whenever you need it
  • Phone/email support throughout the 12-week programme

Lifelong sustainable fitness & nutrition education. All for only £209. 

Please note that if other 121 sessions are required, clients are free to book them. However, the primary goal of the kickstart package is to educate and provide resources, so that is not necessary.


Personal Training in Mawdesley

Kickstart Package – Cathies Story


The physical effects were dramatic throughout the treatment, but the main benefit was the improved self-confidence and the kick on for the gym and lifestyle.

The bonus of not just the treatment but the additional personal training sitting alongside, pushing me to better training and really inspiring me to get healthy.

The Personal Trainer Mawdsley option was a great compliment to the treatments.

Permanent Perfection Aesthetics is not just about the treatments but is an entirely holistic approach to help you get the best out of what they offer.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Tom and Rebecca made it a positive experience.


3D Lipo Ultimate Pro

Services & Equipment


  • Cardio Training
  • Free Weights and Functional Training
  • Private GP Excercise Referal Service
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Exercise Program App
  • Health and Fitness Testing
  • Tailored 121 personal training aligned to our client’s body contouring goals


  • Cardio –  Treadmill / Excercise Bike / Rowing Machine / 
  • Restatance –  Dumbells / Bars & Plates / Dual Pully Station / Sandbags / 
  • Functional Fitness – Balanace Equpmet  / Daul Pully Station
  • HIIT – Slam Balls / Sandbags / Kettlebells / Air Bike


Permanent Perfection Aesthetics