Easy Payments

At Permanent Perfection Aesthetics, we want to make paying for your treatments as easy as possible.

We are consumers ourselves and know that sometimes you may desire a product or service but need some assistance to purchase in the present moment. Invariably, this tends to be when you want or need the product or service! 

We have 3 payment options available to our clients, each designed to be as easy as possible.

Option 1. – Full payment on or before treatment commences.

Our most popular option and by small coincidence, the simplest!

All you need to do is pay a deposit to secure your booking and pay the balance on or before the date of treatment.

(see examples link to the bottom of page)

Option 2 – Finance with payl8r.

Our industry-leading finance partner will allow you to spread the cost of your treatments over a period that you are comfortable with. Simply pay a 20% deposit, then the balance is spread over manageable monthly instalments of your choice.

You can choose to pay over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, it’s entirely dependent upon what works out better for you. 

Our clients love this payment plan, as it means their fab new look is only a few simple clicks away. (see examples link to the bottom of page)

Option 3 Permanent Perfection Aesthetics Instalment Plan. 

This is an option that we manage ourselves entirely. We have put this in place to make the cost of body contouring packages more manageable.

It couldn’t be simpler, pay a deposit upon booking as usual, then pay for the 1st half of your course on or before the 1st treatment. Then simply pay the balance when you reach the halfway point in your treatment plan.

This option is popular amongst our clients who don’t wish to take out finance. (see examples link to the bottom of page)

Option 1 Example

Service – Eyebrows, total cost £210.

  • Deposit £50
  • Balance on or before 1st treatment £160

Total paid £210

Option 2 Example Finance Calculator

Click here to spread the cost of your purchases.

Option 3 Example

Service – 3D Cavitation Inch loss treatment course of 8, total cost £669.

  • Deposit £50
  • 1st Payment £346 on or before plan commences
  • 2nd Payment £273 paid at halfway point

Total paid £669

Whatever option you decide to go for, we believe that paying should be the least of your concerns. We want to spend our time discussing what you want to achieve and why. 

We are not accountants, so our time is best spent creating treatment plans based on what you want to achieve. Whether that is restoring body confidence or recapture that youthful look.


Permanent Perfection Aesthetics