Our Partners

Statement from Rebecca

As the Founder of the business, I take ultimate responsibility for selecting the partner we work with. I need to feel that their technology, aftercare products, support and safety protocols are of the upmost quality. For me, there is no compromise on anything as I need to make sure that my clients receive the best beauty and aesthetics industry has to offer.

Here is an explanation of our partners and why I chose them. As you’ll see, there are common themes amongst them. They all have proven pedigree, provide external training and support and all are led by industry experts.

Rebecca, Founder


3D-Lipo is an award-winning Aesthetics Machine manufacturer based in the UK that boasts a wealth of experience in the market going back 20 years.

When we were deciding which organisation to partner with, we were drawn to 3D-Lipo for several reasons. We had of course seen their incredibly positive coverage in the national press, we had followed with interest their association with Dr Leah and Lord Sugar from the Apprentice and knew of other successful businesses that used the technology.

Further into our negotiations, we were impressed that we were able to discuss the technology with 3D-Lipo MD Row Cowley. Roy is exceptionally well respected in the industry, and we were extremely impressed in Roy’s approach to doing the absolute right thing by the customer. Something we champion every day. Furthermore, as 3D-lipo are continually innovating and developing excellent new solutions, we know that they are an organisation we can partner with for the long haul.

During training, the decision to partner with 3D-Lipo was further strengthened. The training was of the highest quality, our trainer was beyond knowledgeable and safety underpinned all the content, which is so essential for us.

We passionately believe that 3D-Lipo is the right choice for the customer, their 3-dimensional approach to the body (targeted fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening) together with non-surgical facelift technology is genuinely market-leading.  This versatility means we are not bound by 1 or 2 treatment options.  When matched with our customer-centric approach, we can create completely bespoke treatment plans.

Oh, and one more thing, 3D-lipo has achieved awards for Best Treatment, Best British Based Manufacturer, and Best Equipment Supplier in the Prestigious Aesthetic Awards. Case closed your honour!

Nouveau Contour

You can’t seriously think about Semi-Permanent Makeup in the UK without thinking about Karen Betts. With extensive industry experience dating back to the 90’s.  Karen has risen to become one of the UK’s leading Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist. I was so impressed with her unique artistic ability together her with her inspirational work with the Katie Piper Foundation and Alex Lewis Trust.

Not only does Karen produce exceptional results, but she also gives confidence back to people. Given my own experiences in life, this ability is so vital to me and something that I am passionate about being able to do myself. In fact, it is one of the factors that lead me to Semi-Permanent Makeup. Suffice to say that training with Karen was not just the obvious choice, it was the only choice.

In my experience, training is when you really get to know an organisation. The theory was extraordinarily detailed and thorough, demonstrations by the master trainers were exceptional. Working in small groups meant I received high-quality one to one support. Also, as part of the training, we were able to perform treatments on live models. This was great as I got to see how the pigment took to the skin.

Whilst this isn’t a review of the training, the point I’m making is that Nouveau Contour and the Karen Betts Academy are quality outfits. The training and inspiration that I received there undoubtedly set me off along the path to the thousands of happy clients I now have.

Aside from the training, the Nouveau Contour machinery and pigments are in my opinion second to none, giving us extra tools in our armoury to help create those perfect looks and restore that all-important confidence for our clients.

All things considered the quality of Nouveau Contour products, and the fusion of Karen’s values with Permanent Perfection’s, you’d have to go far and wide to find a better customer offering.

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International

Plasma Pen is the brainchild of leading aesthetics and beauty entrepreneur Louise Walsh. Louise has been at the forefront of the aesthetics and beauty industry for decades, and that is not about to change any time soon.

Launching successful products and treatments seems to be easy for her. Maybe that’s why her organisation spans the globe and is featured on the US CBS TV Show “The Doctors.” I was drawn to Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh mainly due to the effectiveness of the device as I know it is endorsed by surgeons. Also, l was impressed by the vision, ambition and impressive journey that has led Louise to create such an extraordinary beauty and aesthetics business.

During training, you receive tuition and support from a Plasma Pen Master Trainer. They guide you through the detailed and extensive theory before practical application. Ensuring that you can produce the absolute best results for your clients. During training and beyond, you are viewed as a member of the Plasma Pen worldwide family and by extension, the Plasma Pen brand.  Your success is their success, and this is reflected in the comprehensive support and training provided.

Plasma Pen has an excellent business infrastructure. It is set up to set its partners up for success, from the quality of the Plasma Pen itself to the training, I knew partnering with Louise Walsh international was the right thing for Permanent Perfection and its clients.

Having performed many Plasma Pen treatments and have seen so many positive customer outcomes, I’m happy to say I made the right choice for my clients.


Permanent Perfection Aesthetics