What is permanent makeup and semi permanent makeup and what does it bring to Ormskirk residents?

Think similar to a tattoo, in that makeup (or colouring) is applied to various parts of the face, such as eyebrows, eyeliner (upper and lower), and lips. It is a very simple procedure that we bring to our Ormskirk customers.

Hey Ormskirk, did you know?

You have two layers of skin that the makeup is injected into. The top layer of skin flakes off after time and this will cause the makeup to fade (requiring a top up) and the inner layer of skin doesn’t shed, creating a more permanent effect. Because makeup is injected into both sets of skin the makeup will appear much darker but will fade over time. You generally find that you will need to top up your semi-permanent makeup every 1-3 years so give us a call and we will make our way to your home in Ormskirk.

There are many factors to inspect before proceeding with either permanent or semi permanent makeup in Ormskirk, we are fully trained and use a strict hygiene code and always check for allergies. If you are looking for permanent makeup Ormskirk or Semi Permanent Makeup Ormskirk then please call us today on 01704 823592 or mobile 07947 314609.

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